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What to wear for on camera interviews

Are you getting ready for your close up? With the right tips you can look your best and be ready to rock your on camera interview. Read this before your next interview and we guarantee you’ll look your best.

Keep Those Stripes Behind Bars

An example of what stripes look like on camera.

An example of what stripes look like on camera.

Yes, you look great in strips. They are slimming and make everything seem oh so great, but the problem with stripes has to do with our camera. Stripes (especially close together) create a bit of trouble inside our magnificent 4k cameras. They create a pattern called Morié. It’s french, but not fabulous.


Bedazzle With Your Personality and Not Your Jewelry

You’re going to want to avoid lots of jewelry. Simply put, it’s noisy and every rattle will be recorded by the microphones. You might be giving the answer to world peace, but everyone will be distracted by the clinks and rattles you’re making. Stick with single item basics, like a necklace or ring. But please leave behind anything that clinks, clanks or rattles.

Bring The Basics

Wear solid colors and go with neutral colors or pastels. The camera will boost the contrast. It’s also a good idea to bring a few different options. You may look great in that light blue shirt, but when it matches the background nobody will even see you. Best to stick with simple clothing and have options.

Be Comfortable

Make sure your clothes are comfortable. Don't pick a suit you hate to wear because you think it looks great. If you're uncomfortable, it will show up on your face and body language.