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Why Funny Works

Why do so many advertisers use humor in their ads? Are they selling something, or trying to make people laugh? The answer to both questions is an emphatic YES! The secret to a fantastic advertisement is connecting. Somehow, someway, your ad has to cut through the noise and reach your intended audience. So, why are there so many humorous ads? Because humor works. 

Humor Facilitates Connection

Think about how it feels to laugh. When you are tickled by something funny, how do you feel? You feel good! It feels good to laugh. It feels relaxing doesn’t it? When laughing you are at ease. You might even say that when laughing you are vulnerable, open, and exposed. it is nearly impossible to both laugh and fight at the same time, isn’t it? 

And this is why humor facilitates connection. Before an advertiser can “connect” with a consumer, the consumer has to be open to connection. Humor is disarming. By getting their audience laughing, an advertiser can lower their defenses. They can open up the viewer and create an environment wherein the viewer can become vulnerable. 

An open, vulnerable, relaxed person is receptive. What good is a masterfully crafted message if no one receives it? Humor gets consumers ready to accept messaging. 


How Humor Improves Your Advertisements

When humor is used appropriately for the product or service being advertised it can increase ad stickiness. People need to remember your ad long enough to take action. Humor improves memorability. 

Humor can create a personal attachment to the product, service or company featured. There is a warmth we tend to feel towards people that make us laugh. That same warmth and sense of connection can be subconsciously experienced towards a company, product, or service.

Humor can make a dry or uninteresting product seem fun! People are more likely to take action if they have connected the product or service to “fun”. Humor can do wonders to warm up things like auto insurance or plumbing and help create a personal connection to a company.