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Why Advertisers Love Animation

In this high velocity media environment advertisers now more than ever, need to capture customer attention and deliver quality messages quickly and effectively. The attention span of people in westernized cultures is getting shorter. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human now has a shorter attention span than the famously ill-focused goldfish. Humans seem to keep focused for about 8 seconds whereas the goldfish can stay tuned in for 9 seconds! 

If advertisers want customer engagement, the content they offer has to be compelling. This has led to a recent explosion in the use of animation in advertising and marketing. Animated videos can serve as the cornerstone for some of the most effective ad campaigns in use today. 

Century Anime
The Korean Spa Fairy Godmother appears in her first "anime" style adventure!

What Makes Animation So Effective

Why does animation work so well? Because it’s animation! Most westerners associate animation with childhood cartoons or animated content for kids. As a result, defense mechanisms are simply not employed. This phenomenon seems to leave viewers more open to absorb messaging from animation than from a “pitch” by a celebrity or fast talking salesperson on a conventional (live action) commercial. 

What Makes Animation So Popular

The growth of animation in advertising is attributable to almost every factor advertisers consider. To start with, animated content is surprisingly affordable to create. Animation also allows the creation of imagery that would be impossible with live action footage. Using thoughtfully designed animation, your content can deliver effective, powerful, sticky messaging. And perhaps most importantly, the medium allows for incredibly fast digestion by the consumer. An animated message can put forth communicative imagery, accompanied by written and spoken word all at once. The format delivers remarkable uptake.

Who to Trust

When considering investing your precious marketing and advertising budget you want to make sure those dollars go where it counts. Before making a determination about your next project, consult with a company that has an abundance of experience. Whether you have a crystal clear vision of what you want, or you are seeking input from a team of professionals it just makes animated sense.