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The Messy Creative Process of Videos

Marketing videos can be incredibly powerful tools for any business. However, the process of creating these videos is often anything but straightforward. From brainstorming ideas to filming and editing, the journey from concept to final product can be a chaotic one. While the process may be messy, with the right approach, it can be managed and used to create amazing marketing videos. In this blog post, we will explore the messy creative process of making marketing videos and discuss how to make the most of the chaos.

Why creative people are perceived as being difficult to work with

iStock-1413410501Creative people are often seen as difficult to work with because they can be unpredictable, passionate, and assertive when it comes to their work. They might come up with unique ideas that can challenge the status quo or push boundaries, and they may not be as interested in following traditional rules or meeting deadlines as other types of employees. They are also often perfectionists and can be demanding when it comes to the quality of their work. This can make it difficult for other members of a team to keep up with them or to even understand their process.


Furthermore, creative people might have different goals and objectives from the rest of their team, which could lead to disagreements or tension in the workplace. Additionally, creative people are often more interested in the creative aspects of their work than the practical elements, which can be frustrating for those who have different priorities. Ultimately, creative people can be perceived as difficult to work with because they don’t always fit into traditional structures and processes, which can make it difficult for them to collaborate effectively with other members of the team.

Learn how to work with creative individuals

Communicating with creative individuals can be a tricky task. To get the best results, it’s important to understand how they work and how to communicate effectively. Here are some tips to help you navigate the creative process:


Take time to truly listen and understand the creative's ideas and visions. Don't simply talk over them or jump in with your own opinions. Make sure you understand the context behind their work and make sure you're considering their ideas fairly.


Creative people often feel like their ideas and efforts aren't appreciated. Acknowledge their work and let them know you value their contributions.

Be Open-Minded

Creatives often have strong opinions, which can make it difficult to collaborate. Try to be open to different perspectives and recognize that there may be more than one approach to a problem.

Encourage Feedback

Don't just accept every idea at face value. Ask questions, make suggestions and provide constructive feedback. This will help build trust and create a better working relationship

Respect Deadlines

Creative projects can take time and can involve many different steps. Make sure to respect deadlines and allow for the natural ebbs and flows of the creative process. We all want deadlines to be set in stone, but with anything creative having flexibility (within reason) is the key to a great outcome.

By understanding how to communicate effectively with creative individuals, you can better collaborate and create successful projects. Taking the time to learn how to work with creative individuals will not only improve the outcome of your project but also foster a better working relationship in the long run.

Understanding the creative process will get you better results

iStock-1144445785Once you have found a creative team that works well together, it is important to give them the freedom to go above and beyond your expectations. Allow them the space to take risks, explore ideas, and think outside of the box. This will lead to more innovative solutions and unique approaches to tackling problems.

Yes, the creative process can be a chaotic one at times, but if you learn how to work within it, you will be rewarded with results.

Listen to what your creative team has to say, encourage open dialogue, and don't be afraid to challenge them if necessary. This will result in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect, making it easier for everyone to get on board with the final project.

By understanding the creative process, you can make sure that you get the best results possible from your creative team. Don't try to control them or micromanage them; instead, support their ideas and provide guidance when needed. With this approach, you can trust that your creative team will deliver a product that exceeds your expectations.