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Why Video Works

The most pressing challenge in marketing today isn’t targeting your audience, or even ensuring that your offering is viewed. The most pressing challenge in marketing today is getting people to engage. As consumers endure an endless onslaught of content from every screen they encounter, marketers have fractions of a second to make someone stop scrolling and pay attention.

The Power Of Video


Forbes reported that marketers using video are seeing on average 49% faster growth in revenue. Video content stimulates more senses than any other digital marketing medium. In so doing it more completely and effectively captures consumer attention. The audio/visual combination works. Just ask anyone who’s paid enormous amounts of money to advertise on television! When people watch video content they are open, available, and actively seeking to absorb the sights and sounds of the video marketing piece. This was true in the golden age of television, and it’s true now.

The reasons for this are found in our survival instincts. The senses we rely most on for survival are sight and sound. When a person is in a primal environment such as a trail in the forest, they are constantly scanning their surroundings for stimuli. When they hear a twig snap they turn to try and see what made the noise. If they see something moving in the woods, they will likely stop and perk up. What are they doing? They are listening and watching. We humans trust what we see and hear. In fact, this combination of audio visual input is where we draw most of our behavioral cues from. In other words, what we see and hear informs our behavior. Video can be particularly effective in this regard since we also drop our defense mechanisms. Unlike being in the forest, we generally aren’t afraid that the video we are watching will hurt us. So we remain open to be moved by the messaging.

Video Type, Design, Quality, and Messaging

Obviously video marketing can captivate the consumer. But if you want your viewer to take action you need thoughtfully designed, high quality, well produced video with effective messaging. Flip Art Media specializes in using video to move people. Focusing on high quality video content and offering a full menu of animation and live action options, Flip Art Media has the expertise to assemble a highly polished, highly effective video marketing piece designed to achieve your goals.

Explainer videos are one of the most common types of video marketing pieces in use today. Businesses pour huge amounts of money into getting consumers to visit their websites. Having an explainer video on your landing page can dramatically increase time spent on that page. Increasing time spent on your landing page alone can help improve organic search rankings. The videos also serve the very legitimate purpose of explaining your company, product, or service. Flip Art Media has a wealth of experience in creating explainer videos.

Animation can be exceptionally effective in video content. Flip Art Media understands that consumers have friendly associations with cartoons. Animations are also surprisingly affordable and can be used to illustrate concepts and ideas in ways that would be impossible with live action video. Flip Art Media has a wealth of experience designing and producing video content in both live action and animated formats. Their design team can take on the task of brainstorming, creating, and producing an entire piece. Already have your own idea for the piece? They have the resources to help you bring your vision to life.

Next Level Marketing

Thanks to improvements in remarketing and data harvesting, advertisers have been able to laser focus on their demographic. But getting in front of your customer isn’t enough. Among the chaos of our social media feed, phone alerts, computer pop ups, and organic audio, visual, and physical distractions, capturing the full attention of a consumer is challenging.

Images can be stimulating, but they seldom effectively convey messaging without written words. Asking consumers to read messaging is proving increasingly ineffective, most just aren’t interested in reading assignments. Having “movement” on your website or in your ad can certainly make people look, but movement alone isn’t compelling.

Flip Art Media’s animated or live action videos offer a fully captivating, audio visual experience that require nothing of the consumer. Most consumers will find absorbing the content more savory than searching for something else. Not only will they not click out, they won’t want to.

The very best product or service in the world is meaningless if no one knows about it. But how can a marketer cut through the noise and stand out in this environment? Flip Art Media knows how. Perhaps your marketing project calls for custom created live action or animated video content. Flip Art Media has produced some of the most clever, thoughtful, polished exclusive video content in use today. Perhaps your project calls for some stock video footage with added Visual effects (VFX). Flip Art Media offers a customizable menu of options to optimize your project and meet your budget. Ask the team at Flip Art Media about your project. They stand ready to help.