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Great Video Starts with These Three Things

It is no longer a secret that video marketing is one of the most powerful tools for reaching an audience. Maybe you are launching a product, raising brand awareness, explaining your product or service, or looking for new and innovative ways of engaging your potential customers. No matter what, video marketing is currently the best way to cut through the media clutter and drive home your message.

The good news is that now, creating compelling video is not just limited to the largest corporations with the biggest budgets. Even though video is more accessible than ever before, producing great content is still a complicated process. So, before taking even the first step toward creating a video, stop and ask these three questions.

1. What is the Purpose?

It sounds obvious, but it is essential to know what you are trying to accomplish with video marketing. Whether you are going to try to produce a piece on your own or hire a partner to work with, this first question will be the same. It will guide decisions from initial brainstorming all the way down to the final edit.


2. What is the Timeline?

There will be a myriad of other questions that will follow the question of purpose. Among other things, you will need to define your target audience, consider key messages, and determine how to measure return on investment. However, before that, you will need to get a handle on how much time you have. The longer the timeline, the more options you will have. Often shorter timelines limit what is possible or, at least, raise the budget significantly. And that leads to the next question.

3. What is the budget?

It's fun to think about all the possibilities of your video marketing endeavor. It's a great part of the process. However, it won't be very easy to understand what is actually possible until you have a handle on the budget. The budget can always be adjusted along the way, but it is a critical component of laying out the initial scope of the project. When creating video marketing, there will be questions to answer all along the way. But if you can answer these three, you will be well on your way. Cover these, and you will have an excellent base on which to begin crafting your video marketing project.